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Local SEO

Does your business rank in Google’s “Local Map Pack”.  This is the 3 Pack of local listings that shows up at the very top of the Google results. Getting found in the Local Map Pack, under your targeted keyword phrases, can bring an extraordinary amount of visitors to your web site.

“So… how do I get my business listed in the Map Pack?”

How we do it
Google wants to be confident that your business is legit.  At SocialSEO, we call this the “Google Confidence Algorithm”.  Google relies on over 70 major third-party web sites to verify the consistency of the business name, address and phone (“NAP”), associated with your web site.  The more consistent your NAP, the more likely you are to be found in the maps section at the top of the Google results.  We help businesses get listed in the map pack.  We make sure your business listing is accurate and consistent with Google requirements to rank well locally.

What you need to know
There are also opportunities to rank under the map pack.  Getting listed here is extremely important as well.  We will help you to rank well here too.


National SEO

The goal of National SEO is to target and rank well for keyword phrases that have a “national intent” (non-geographic).  The consumer may be searching for a product or service that they are willing to buy outside city.  In other words, the location of your business is likely irrelevant to them.  These keyword phrases can be more competitive and business owners often struggle to rank well here, without professional SEO consulting services.    Examples include “tax consulting”, “investment banker” or “iPhone case”.

How we do it:
Step 1:  We work closely with your company to understand your business goals and what you consider to be a win.  Step 2:  Perform a keyword analysis to determine which keyword phrases make the most sense for your business and which ones are being typed Google most often.  We will target the competitive 2 and 3 word phrases, but we will also target what we call longtail phrases, 4 and 5 word keyword phrases.   This is the most effective approach to a successful SEO campaign.

What you need to know
National campaigns can be more competitive, which means ranking may take a bit longer, especially for newer websites. The good news is that the traffic counts for national phrases can be much higher.  With good rankings, your website can get huge traffic.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is here and its REAL!   Business owners, CEOs and decision-makers spend a great deal of personal time on social media, just like everyone else.  Most companies are open to the idea of marketing on Social
Media (Facebook, Instagram, etc), problem is… they don’t know where to start.

How we do it We help businesses deliver compelling messages in creative ways – grabbing the attention of your prospects.   We create the social media strategy, messaging and set up tracking.  We also produce attractive image ads, video and lead generation carousels that point customers back to your website.

What you need to know
To be successful, you need to have a great message, frequency and a consistent, sustainable delivery schedule.  With social media, you can target your consumer by geographic location, age, gender, marital and/or financial status.  You can also remarket to those customers that have visited your web site in the past.

Pay Per Click

If you want to really turn up the gas, we suggest pay-per-click, specifically Google Adwords.  PPC is less expensive and more effective now than ever.  There are so many options for paid search now (Text ads, Remarketing, Gmail Ads, Pre-roll)… So… what is the best strategy for yourbusiness?

How we do it
We can help market your business to customers by the keyword phrase, geographic location, age, gender, marital and/or financial status.  You can also target prospects that have been to your website, have been to your competitor’s website or even those who have simply searched for a similar product or service that you offer in Google.

What you need to know
We have a team of PPC experts that focus ONLY on PPC.  We are Google Premier Partners and sit in the highest tier possible.  What does this mean to you?  It means we have direct access to Google to support your account with the best strategy possible.  We have certifications in Search, Video, Display, Mobile, Shopping, Analytics and more.

Digtal Marketing/Web ID - Convert Anonymous IP Addresses into Cash!

The world’s largest and most successful companies are using data to disrupt their respective industries, is your company keeping up? 

87% of companies can be considered “laggard” in leveraging customer data, a statistic that underscores the gap between competency and expertise in the applications of data. Among the leaders, executives indicate they are highly confident their companies have taken the necessary steps to ensure they are effectively utilizing customer data. However, a larger percentage of organizations are only at the beginning of their efforts to convert customer data into significantly higher conversion rates, a practice that has proven to yield greater returns on investment and drive market disruption.

Those who fail to adapt to this will fall behind.

In today’s digital economy, customer data reigns as the competitive differentiator of market success, as data-savvy companies offer cheaper, faster products and more personalized experiences.

Consumers are demanding and expecting more of brands with each passing moment. In order for organizations to better understand their customers—and have a fighting chance to compete with the industry behemoths—they need to leverage and optimize their customer data.

The 1st Step: Targeting Anonymous Website Visitors to Increase Conversions by Sending Direct Mail or Email to Consumers that Just Visited Your Website.

 This is how it works...

Converting Anonymous IP Addresses to Cash
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