Black Friday and U.S. Mail: A Marriage Made in Heaven

Some things were just made to go together. We are thinking peanut butter and jelly; baseball and hotdogs; Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. You get the point. As experts in direct mail marketing, we’ve got one more for you: Black Friday and U.S. Mail. Getting them together is like a marriage made in heaven.


Peanut butter and jelly will take care of that growling stomach that insists on making its voice be heard. Astaire and Rogers might entertain you for a couple of hours on a Friday night. But Black Friday and U.S. Mail will make you money. What do you think of that?


So what if it’s slow?


The big knock on U.S. Mail is that it’s slow compared email. So what? Ketchup can be so annoyingly slow that you feel like you’ve aged 10 years before your burger is properly dressed. That doesn’t stop you from using ketchup, does it?


We’re guessing you would prefer a slow and steady walk with your significant other rather than a 100-yard sprint down the beach. You probably prefer to slowly sip a glass of premium champagne over gulping it in under two seconds. The point is that slow can be good.


So it takes two days for a direct mail postcard to get from the post office to your customers’ mailboxes. That just gives you two extra days to prepare for the increased traffic. Even better, send out your direct mail postcards a couple of weeks in advance. That’s how you maximize Black Friday sales.

If you send it, will they come?


You know what else goes well together? Kevin Costner and an open corn field. Remember Costner in Field of Dreams? His imaginary baseball friends told him to build a ballpark and people would come. He did. So did they. Will it work for direct mail marketing? You bet.


Black Friday shoppers play their own version of the Hunger Games every year on the Friday immediately following Thanksgiving. All they need to visit your store is a reason. Here’s the thing: you can’t just come up with a reason. You need to tell them about it. Sending them a postcard via U.S. Mail does the trick in a big way.


U.S. Mail and Black Friday are a marriage made in heaven because your customers are looking for sales announcements. They are like pirates looking for treasure maps. Anything that looks like it might lead to riches deserves to be investigated. That’s what your Black Friday postcards are: maps leading directly to whatever treasures you have on offer.


Why should I rely on the old way of doing things?


By now, you either can’t wait to get working on your next Black Friday campaign or you don’t understand why you should rely on something as “old-fashioned” as U.S. Mail. After all, U.S. Mail is still important to your grandparents. How can it be relevant to 2023?


Earlier we made a couple of references to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Both have long since passed on. However, their films continue to entertain people of all generations. The key to enjoying an Astaire-Rogers film is just give it a try.


You can say all along that you won’t like it. But how do you know until you actually sit down and watch one? You don’t. We can apply the same thing to using direct mail marketing to promote your Black Friday event. Black Friday and U.S. Mail were made for one another. You won’t know just how well they work together until you step up and take the plunge.