Combating the Digital Blues with a Nice Little Postcard

Imagine the world’s greatest blues guitarist gently strumming his guitar while singing about moving on from a love gone cold. Of course you can identify. You have moved on from a few relationships of your own. Now think about your customers. A good many of them probably have the digital blues. A nice little postcard could cheer them up.


If the digital world were a series of relationships between people and technologies, they would be relationships in serious need of evaluation. You know the deal. Whether you are married or single, here’s betting you have evaluated every romantic relationship you have ever had.


Digital marketing is like that. You constantly need to evaluate whether it’s working, but not just from your perspective. You must figure out if it is working for your customers, too. Maybe they have the digital blues. Perhaps they are thinking about leaving you for something better.


Technology Is Overwhelming Us


There is actually quite a bit of evidence suggesting that people are suffering from the digital blues. Check out these alarming statistics from Brand United:


  • Virtual meetings have increased 153% since 2020
  • Meeting times have increased 252% since then
  • The average household now has 25 connected devices
  • Some 32% of American consumers report being overwhelmed by technology


Keeping with the theme of the digital blues, technology has become that overbearing partner that is always in the same room with you. It has become that clingy boyfriend or girlfriend who can’t stop sending you text messages – even at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Freshen Things up with a Postcard


What do the experts say about keeping a relationship on the right track? They say a lot of things, but we’re aiming for the suggestion to freshen things up a bit. Instead of sending your customers yet another email blast that only reminds them of how they are attached to their phones at the hip, send them a postcard instead.


Whether you call it postcard marketing, direct mail marketing, or something completely unrelated, a postcard in the mailbox isn’t just another message waiting to be junked. It is something different. It’s something cool. It is something refreshing.


Remember that your customers are just like that blues guitarist singing of a love gone cold. Your emails don’t mean anything anymore. Those paid ads on social media have become as passé as giving roses on Valentine’s Day. Your customers want something exciting. They want something that gets their attention and gets them engaged with your business.


They Are Looking for Something


You can bet that your customers are looking for something. If they feel like their relationship with you has gone cold, you can bet they will be attracted by one of your competitors. And as with so many other relationships, those competitors might not even be your equal. They are attractive to your customers mainly because they are engaging.


Direct mail marketing is a traditional, but still fresh, way to reach customers. What makes it special is that it’s so different. Send your customers a nice postcard and see what happens. We’re betting you’ll be happy with the results.


The chances are pretty good that your customers are tiring of digital technologies. Digital marketing fatigue is taking its toll on them. That constant bombardment of messages feels like meaningless chatter that’s making your relationship wax cold. But while they stand singing the digital blues, you have that postcard in your back pocket. Send it out. Help your customers get over the blues before they start looking for someone new.