DIRECT MAIL: #10 Letter Package

If your format calls for a more traditional business presentation, our #10 envelope and standard letter is a favorite among company owners, presidents and CEOs of corporations, as well as nonprofit organizations.

Standard #10 Business Envelope
Size: 9.5" W x 4.125" H
Standard Letter
Size: 8.5" W x 11" L, folds twice

Some audiences may prefer to read about your business announcements and promotions rather than receive a splashy promotional piece. This is the format to use.

You can add a little branding to the envelope and to the letter inside or keep it simple and understated. Add a teaser headline on the envelope; a special offer, unique URL or QR code on the letter. There are many subtle ways to make a #10 Letter Package format work well — it’s professional, it gets opened, and it works.

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