DIRECT MAIL: Postcards

Postcards are a very cost-effective method of print marketing. They offer space for eye-catching images and enticing offers to get the customer’s attention.

Small, Medium, or Large? Our variety of sizes offer you options that will fit your budget, match the scale of your offer and allow room to pitch your company. Keep it short and sweet with the smaller format — or go bigger and bolder with medium or large sizes.

The consumer benefits of a postcard mailer for the consumer are numerous. It’s a format that's read quickly and easily, can be folded and carried with you, and there’s no envelope to tear open. Rest assured, if the offer is enticing enough, customers will keep them around. In short, postcards work, and our clients believe in their marketing value.

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Modern Vacy postcard front

Small Size — 6" W x 4.25" H

Rocktops postcard front

Medium Size — 8.5" W x 5.5" H

Howl postcard front

Large Size — 11" W x 6" H

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