Omnichannel Marketing Is No Monster Hiding in Your Closet


Marketing can be a scary endeavor for any business owner. More than one business owner has been paralyzed by the fear that tons of money will be spent on marketing, but no one will respond. It doesn’t help that marketers use scary terms like ‘omnichannel marketing’.


Allow us to set your mind at ease. Omnichannel marketing is not some ugly monster hiding in your closet. Sure, the term itself can be imposing to people who don’t know marketing jargon. It might seem highly technical. It probably seems pretty expensive. But the truth is that omnichannel marketing is really no big deal once you get used to it.


A lot of kids are terrified to get that first haircut. It’s only because they don’t know why a complete stranger is hovering over them with scissors and clippers. But they all get used to it. By the time that overly sensitive two-year-old becomes a teenager, she’ll be heading to the stylist every other week.


A Technical Definition


Before we wander too far off topic, let’s get to a technical definition of omnichannel marketing. We will define it formally, then toss out the jargon and speak of it like normal people.


Technically speaking, omnichannel marketing is the process of integrating the various channels through which organizations reach their customers, for the purposes of creating a seamless experience that includes brand consistency.


There. We did it. We got all the jargon out of the way. What does it all mean in simple English? It means using every available opportunity to market. It means using all those opportunities to send a consistent message to your customers. That’s it. It is no more complicated than that.

Legacy and Digital Marketing Together


You might be wondering why a direct mail marketing company like Full Tilt Direct cares about omnichannel marketing. It’s simple. Direct mail is one of those channels you have at your disposal. It is not like that old, ’67 Volkswagen Beetle that no longer runs and you can’t get parts for. It’s more like the restomod nobody knows about until it becomes the hit of the local car show.


There was a time when legacy marketing was still king and business owners had to be convinced to send emails and post on social media. Ah, yes. Those were the days. But we digress. These days, it’s just the opposite. Everybody is quick to run to digital marketing while completely ignoring legacy strategies. That’s too bad.


The truth is that legacy marketing still works extremely well. It works even better when it’s combined with digital marketing. That brings us back to the original topic of this post: omnichannel marketing.


Think of It as Marketing Diversity


If you are having trouble wrapping your brain around omnichannel marketing, think of it in terms of diversity. Diversity is something we’re all familiar with, right? We value those things that make us different; we celebrate them and encourage them.


Omnichannel is the marketing version of diversity. It includes everything. Whether you are talking legacy or digital marketing strategies, nothing is left out. Everybody’s in the same pool, swimming in the same water and soaking up the same sun.


If your company isn’t yet on the omnichannel train, now’s the time to get on board. Make sure you include direct mail marketing in your many different channels. Remember that omnichannel marketing isn’t a scary monster in your closet. It is an old friend waiting to shake your hand and introduce you to new customers. Treat it that way and you’ll soon realize that there’s nothing to be afraid of.